Thursday, August 15, 2013

Review of Candy Crush

I often find myself searching for a game that can keep my attention, drive my interest and stimulate my mind. After some searching that game came to me in the form of candy crush To say this is an addictive game would be as moot as saying Fat Albert has diabetes. The game is not only fun but it is challenging. each level takers the user to a new world where you must complete task to either gain points, destroy nasty jelly, or bring down some delicious fruit.

Candy crush is exciting and fun but at the same time it ask the user to think before they leap. Each move you make can bring you closer to your goal or destroy any chance you have of reaching it. I would highly recommend this game not just to fellow adults but to parents who are seeking ways to teach their children. It is very educational and will keep them entertained for hours, trust me I should know. The game is free and fun and I would suggest you check it out. You can find Candy Crush here.